Pretty CurrentCost graphing from Pachube

Last Saturday was the second HomeCamp. This week has been very busy at work, so I’ve not had the chance to pull together a proper post about it yet, but in the meantime I thought I’d share a little Pachube tip that Usman demonstrated at the event.

I’ve been putting the live readings from my CurrentCost meter into Pachube as an input feed for several months now, but not really had much use for it, other than as an easy way to check my CurrentCost data from my mobile.

Usman showed us an app that lets you get a neat Google chart visualisation of a Pachube feed in just a few clicks:

It’s very simple – go to, give it the ID of your pachube feed, and it generates the short snippet of code necessary to create the Google chart.

It takes no time at all, and really shows the power of being able to easily pipe together different stuff through pachube.

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