Calling the Windows Mobile emulator

This is apparently an old tip, but was new to me so thought it was worth posting:

…you can make phone calls or send SMS messaages to yourself in the [Windows Mobile SDK] emulator. The phone number for the emulator is “+14250010001”. This is really handy for testing SMS interception or how your apps responds to an incoming phone call, etc. Just send an SMS to +14250010001…

…It’s also a great way to freak your buddy out who’s working on the emulator and doesn’t know about this feature.

Write a little app that will place a call to the emulator with a time delay before it places the call, deploy it when he’s not looking and start it. Wait your prescribed timeout and watch as he tentatively answers the call from his emulator 🙂

from Windows Mobile Team Blog

Cool! 🙂

One Response to “Calling the Windows Mobile emulator”

  1. CNV says:

    I have tried ( 14250010001 ) this no to simulate incoming call , but it is connecting as a normal call….

    please tell me how can I simulate incoming call