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Thinking about Home Camp

Monday, November 17th, 2008

This is a quick post to spread the word about Home Camp to anyone who follows my blog but doesn’t follow Chris Dalby (aka @yellowpark).

I’ve posted a lot about CurrentCost since I got the meter back in May, but in the past few months it seems like lots of people are giving it a try – I’m seeing more tweets and blog posts about the potential of CurrentCost, and I’m getting more and more emails about my Python CurrentCost app.

So I’m really looking forward to Home Camp – Chris’ idea for a CurrentCost-themed unconference, and a chance to discuss and try ideas relating to monitoring our energy use.

Although it’s CurrentCost-inspired, it wont be limited to CurrentCost or even only electricity monitoring. For example, I’ve prepared a short presentation on monitoring home gas usage in a CurrentCost-type way, which I hope will get some ideas going. And I’ve started thinking about how we could monitor personal car petrol usage – probably my most expensive energy bill!



Sunday, September 14th, 2008

I’m home from BathCamp – the Bath barcamp. I don’t have a lot to say about it, but wanted to post a quick thanks to all of the organisers.

This was my first barcamp outside London. I mainly went because Bath is my old Uni town, and any excuse to go back is always good. But I’m really glad I went – and will definitely be looking out for more non-London developer events.

A few random thoughts from my sleepy brain… pecha kucha: ten seconds to describe each of the last ten pages that you’ve saved in Similar to but driven by a Python script, we took turns to give it our username, and each of our last ten saved webpages were opened in turn and displayed on a big screen. Very neat idea, and one that I will have to steal at some point. It makes for a fascinating geeky ice-breaker.