Thinking about Home Camp

This is a quick post to spread the word about Home Camp to anyone who follows my blog but doesn’t follow Chris Dalby (aka @yellowpark).

I’ve posted a lot about CurrentCost since I got the meter back in May, but in the past few months it seems like lots of people are giving it a try – I’m seeing more tweets and blog posts about the potential of CurrentCost, and I’m getting more and more emails about my Python CurrentCost app.

So I’m really looking forward to Home Camp – Chris’ idea for a CurrentCost-themed unconference, and a chance to discuss and try ideas relating to monitoring our energy use.

Although it’s CurrentCost-inspired, it wont be limited to CurrentCost or even only electricity monitoring. For example, I’ve prepared a short presentation on monitoring home gas usage in a CurrentCost-type way, which I hope will get some ideas going. And I’ve started thinking about how we could monitor personal car petrol usage – probably my most expensive energy bill!

If you are interested in how geekiness can make a difference to the way we use energy, and like the sound of a day of discussion and hacking, please come and join us.

To help get the hacking going, I’ve started preparing source code for accessing and parsing CurrentCost data. I’ve got Python and Java so far, and should have Perl and C# ready in time for Home Camp. This way, if you want to try hacking something on the day, you don’t need to spend time getting the data in the first place – you can jump straight into doing something interesting with the data.

I can’t promise the code will be the neatest or most elegant stuff you’ve ever seen, but it should be good enough to get our hacks started!

For more info about Home Camp, check out:

Also check out other posts on Home Camp, from Chris and James Governor.

Hope to see you there on November 29th!

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