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Programmatically identifying DVDs by their barcodes from Android

Thursday, December 30th, 2010


A few Android code snipperts for how to identify a DVD by it’s barcode


In November, I wrote a simple Android app that lets me add films to my LOVEFiLM list by taking a photo of a movie poster.

It also works by taking a photo of the front of a DVD case, as the DVD covers are essentially mini-posters. But a few people pointed out that using image recognition for the front of a DVD case is overkill, when DVD cases have a machine-readable barcode printed on them.

So I spent an evening adding the ability to scan barcodes to the app – and now you can add to your LOVEFiLM list either by photos of posters or barcodes.

I thought I’d quickly share how I did it, in case it’s useful to anyone else.