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The costs of selling on Ebay

Monday, April 28th, 2008

My first experience as an eBay seller is nearing an end. I stopped off at the Post Office on my way home this afternoon, and put the item I was selling in the post.

I knew there would be a cost involved, but had no idea what to expect as to how much it’d be.

For those people like me who have never sold anything on eBay before, here is an entirely unscientific and unrepresentative anecdote. Make of it what you will. 🙂

I was selling an unwanted gift. It was new, still boxed and in it’s original shink wrap. It sold for £730.

  • Fees to eBay – £46.23
  • Fees to Paypal – £25.02
  • Postage – £5.80
  • Packing – £1.00

Total fees : £78.05

Nearly 11% of the sales value. Feels like a lot.

I dunno… I guess it’s hard to justify sounding too aggrieved. I was selling something that I’d not spent any money on, so even after 11% in costs, I’m still getting a lot of money (a sum that will be a *big* help).



Sunday, December 9th, 2007

Yesterday was PlugLondon – a developer meetup held at Skype’s offices in London.

It was different to the geek meetings I’ve been to before… for one thing, I didn’t bring a laptop or write a line of code!

The focus was slightly different – the idea seemed to be to bring together developers with companies who produce API’s. People came from a variety of tech companies (such as PayPal, eBay, skype, BBC, Yahoo!) to give presentations on the API’s that they are responsible for, either to introduce it or explain some interesting or novel technical aspect. I’ve played with many web services and APIs, but I definitely learnt a few things.

It was a chance for them to get feedback on their API’s from the developers that they’re trying to encourage to use them. It was very interactive – they seemed keen to find out who had tried the API’s, what people thought of them, what people would like to see added or changed, and so on.