wiki-related fame and fortune ;-)

I'm famous!  ;-)After last year’s blurb in Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine, I’ve seen another small write-up for my Windows Mobile wiki-based note-taking program, bLADE Wiki.

c't computing magazine - coverThis time, it’s in a German computing magazine called c’t. They’ve included the app on their cover CD, and written a short paragraph describing it.

Yay – that’s quite a nice end to the week. 🙂

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5 Responses to “wiki-related fame and fortune ;-)”

  1. […] mentioned a few times before that I use a personal wiki-based notetaking app to keep myself […]

  2. Robert says:

    Yes, your wiki is always making nice weeks to me! Since that article I use that wiki on a HTC TyTN aka Hermes aks MDA Vario II to organize all the clients! Journals of repairing their computerstuff, Telefone support and more. This since one year! I was really glad to find something simple and useful, especially because of the sync-“problem” without using too much Redmond-“Things”. Great job, cheers from Spain, Robert

  3. Chris says:

    Dale, Yep, BladeWiki is a great app. Use it all the time and really appreciate it.

    -From your friend, who wishes you would open source the code 🙂

  4. Theodor Machnich says:

    Hi Dale,

    thank you for this great tool blade wiki.
    I want install an use this on my HTC HD2 with the client and the today plugin for gtd.
    But the obstacle for my at the moment is that i can run it only on windows.
    I was for a long time windows user but since 2008 i use only linux/ubunt.
    I saw that you us now also this great os.
    It is possible to bring this great tool ubuntu or better so that I can use it with my appache webserver.
    At the moment i use or testing evernote but i like more your solution to host my information in my home (my home is my castel).

    Thank you Theo

    PS: Sorry for my english

  5. Theodor Machnich says:

    A short additional information, i want build the things wich i can do with evernote, on my own Server with, this is my goal.

    Best regards Theo