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Writing an offline wiki client

Saturday, October 10th, 2009

Friday was the seventh IBM Hack Day, and I again got the chance to spend a day playing with some random ideas.

As Hack Days go, I had a surprisingly productive day! I had four ideas on the day:

  • two mobile hacks (both of which I wrote a chunk of code for),
  • a twitter hack (which never got off the scribbled diagram stage, but it’s an idea I definitely want to come back to), and
  • a hack to extend an IBM product (which I created an alpha version of)

In this post, I’ll describe what I did for the last of these ideas: writing a client app for the wiki that comes with IBM’s Lotus Connections.

The idea

In the same way that I am writing this post in an offline blogging client, I wanted the same for using wikis: read and make changes to a wiki while offline, with changes uploaded to the online wiki the next time you are online.

This wasn’t a new idea. In fact, I tried it at IBM HackDay 4 back in 2007 but the wiki we used at work at the time had no API access for retrieving or updating wiki pages. So I sort of gave up and forgot about the idea.

But now I use Lotus Connections wikis at work. And Lotus Connections does have an API – an AtomPub API that gives you feeds to know when pages are changed, and a way to publish changes.

So I decided to revisit the idea.

The “finished” (ish) hack

It’s still very rough around the edges (this was a HackDay – I wrote the client code in under a day!) but it already shows the basic idea.

Offline wiki client

The top left view shows the list of your wikis.

Clicking on this fills the list below – a list of pages in the selected wiki. Clicking on a page in that list opens the contents of the page in the main view on the right.


wiki-related fame and fortune ;-)

Friday, February 15th, 2008

I'm famous!  ;-)After last year’s blurb in Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine, I’ve seen another small write-up for my Windows Mobile wiki-based note-taking program, bLADE Wiki.

c't computing magazine - coverThis time, it’s in a German computing magazine called c’t. They’ve included the app on their cover CD, and written a short paragraph describing it.

Yay – that’s quite a nice end to the week. 🙂

Making an offline copy of a wiki

Saturday, February 9th, 2008

We use a Confluence wiki for one of the projects that I work on. Wikis can be a fantastic tool for collaboration, and this wiki is a single place where we can share information and our progress.

But we’ve been having problems with the reliability of the wiki – it is unavailable at times, and can be painfully slow at others. Key information that I need is in that wiki, and when the wiki goes down it can be difficult and frustrating.

Yesterday, I had a play with wget to try and download an offline copy of the wiki to use as a backup for when it isn’t working or is going painfully slow.

I’ve put the steps I took here, in case they will be useful for others.