What info would people want from CurrentCost?

What info would people want from CurrentCost?

I’m playing with having one tab in the CurrentCost app show information in a non-graph way.

But I’m a little stumped for ideas.

Ignoring the styling for the moment, what would people be interested to see displayed?


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  1. Gareth Jones says:

    How about things like:

    – ‘Looks like the oven is on’
    – ‘The shower has been used twice today’
    – ‘You’re getting home from work later than usual this month’
    – ‘Have you left some lights on somewhere, usage is higher than normal at this time’

    Might be a bit of work and user configuration needed though 🙂

  2. Chris Dalby says:

    Seems like you’ve got pretty much most bases covered there, Dale.

  3. dale says:

    @Phil – Thanks – will have to nick some of those!

    @Gareth – Hmmm… interesting, if a little tricky. Because I’m only using the history data from the meter, rather than the live readings, I have fairly coarse data to work with.

    @Chris – Thanks! 🙂 Gotta make it look a little prettier now!

  4. Dave says:

    How about, you enter the cost per kw and it gives you how much you have spent based on total watts you have used.
    If you want to be realy geeky you could even work out the cost of the night rate.

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  6. Stuart says:

    Hi Dale
    Had some more ideas for current cost:-

    1) Automated download say once a day or similar (how much does the meter store?)

    2) On the graphs, have a double thickness X axis line (or somethink similar) for the night hours like they do on old style timers. So at a glance you can roughly see your daytime night time usage. (It would be awesome to be able to set you location and it know when it got dark during the year and adjust accordingly. I would guess this is a big infuence on usage but probably ridiculessly difficult to implement!)

    3) I’d like to be able to plot maybe to 15minute intervals if the meter allows it on your 24 hour graph.

    Thanks for adding the web update link, it worked seemlessly.
    Can I merge data stores in any way?

    Keep up the great work

  7. dale says:

    Thanks for the suggestions, Stuart.

    As for merging databases, there isn’t a way to do it at the moment, sorry.