Explaining Machine Learning for Kids (again)

Two years ago, I made a video demo of Machine Learning for Kids. It still gets a lot of views by teachers (either individually or as part of CPD sessions) and volunteers (preparing for running a code club).

It has been looking increasingly out of date as the site has changed a bit in the last couple of years! So I’ve recorded a new walkthrough:

In the video, I show a variety of AI projects that school children have made, and discuss how they reacted to them and what I think they learned.

2 Responses to “Explaining Machine Learning for Kids (again)”

  1. brenda Mboya says:

    Hi Dale,
    I am really inspired by this project and would love to start something similar in my country. I would really love to connect with you further on this. Looking forward to a positive response.

  2. dale says:

    Hi. Thanks very much! It’s probably best to chat about what you have in mind by email – my email address is on https://machinelearningforkids.co.uk/help