Machine Learning for Kids with EduBlocks

Students can now create Machine Learning for Kids projects using EduBlocks – letting them create machine learning Python projects in the browser by dragging and dropping blocks on a canvas.

This is all thanks to a fantastic new contribution from Joshua Lowe.

Here’s a quick run-through to show what this makes possible.

In my quick demo video, I made a project to train a text classifier to predict what newspaper a headline is most likely from.

You can find the new option from the Make page, alongside the existing options to create machine learning projects in Scratch and App Inventor.

This gives students a familiar drag-and-drop interface for building projects with their machine learning models.

And as they add blocks, they see the Python code they are creating updated alongside.

They can run their Python projects inside the browser without needing any extra software on their computer.

This new feature looks amazing, and I’m looking forward to seeing what students create with it!

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