Making the RTM cow more sympathetic

I am a big fan of Remember The Milk (RTM), the online to-do list manager. It’s one of the few sites (like flickr) that I’m happy to pay for.

For some reason, the logo for RTM is a cow’s face. Which means that I get a cow staring at me when I’m deciding what I need to do next.

I had a random thought this evening – that the cow should really look more sympathetic when my task list is so full. Because he’s really quite heartless, even when I’m manically busy. 😉

And once I had the idea, I kinda had to give it a quick try. (And I wonder why I’m busy…)

So I’ve knocked up a quick Greasemonkey script – which should work with Firefox with the Greasemonkey add-on, or with Google Chrome.


If you have no tasks due today in a list, the RTM cow smiles.

If you only have a couple of tasks due today, the RTM cow is his usual inscrutable self.

If you have more than a few tasks due today, the RTM cow is sad.

If you have more than five tasks due today, the RTM cow gets scared!

And if you have eight or more tasks due today, the RTM cow goes a little manic.

Okay, so this is all a little silly. The number of tasks doesn’t really mean a huge amount, and my choice of numbers was a little arbitrary.

But it was distracting for a bit. And I do like the idea of a todo list UI that panics with you when you get busy.

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8 Responses to “Making the RTM cow more sympathetic”

  1. mamojo says:

    This. Is. Awesome. I’m definitely going to try it. Know that you have done well, friend, by adding some light to the world today.

    Found this through Lifehacker, in case you were wondering.

  2. mamojo says:

    It woooooorks! Mine is currently smiling. 🙂

    Thanks for the extension!

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  5. Is it possible to change the cow face based on the overall list for today?

  6. dale says:

    Ashwin – Yeah, you could do that, although it’d be more complex as you would need to call RTM’s API to get the info (rather than scraping something already on the page as it does now).